TNO-4041TR VGA Thermal Radiometric

19mm, 30fps, 640x480, PT mount


Protect an entire area from safety hazards
Avoid failure of industrial processes and equipment proactively
Avoid and stop a fire at early stage
Don’t miss any extreme temperature incident
Visually monitor the temperature of scenes with vivid colour palettes and on-screen display

Detect people and objects 24/7 with thermal cameras
Multiple colour palettes
Long detection range up to 3,157m
Directional detection, Motion detection, Appear/Disappear, Enter/Exit, Loitering, Tampering,
Virtual line, Audio detection, Sound classification, Shock detection
Temperature detection
Secure a wide variety of applications
Enhanced video & audio analytics
Improve bandwidth by up to 99% using WiseStream II
Handover to PTZ
Micro SD / SDHC / SDXC memory slot (Max. 256GB)
Hallway View, WiseStream II support

Imaging device: Uncooled Micro bolometer
Pixel size: 17?
NETD: <50mK
Resolution: 640x480
Lens: 19mm, F1.0
FoV: H32.0°, V24.3°, D39.2°
Detection Temp: -20°C ~ +130°C
Temp. accuracy: ±5 ? (=100?), ±20% (>100?)
Operating Temp: -40°C ~ +60°C
Protection: IP66, NEMA4x, IK10


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