KSTL105F33USB French Layout

105 taster keybord, 50mm rulleball, USB

KSTL105F33USB French Azerty
The KSTL105 keyboard uses short travel switches with low pressure and positive tactile feedback for convenient fast data entry. The keyboard features an integrated large 50mm trackball. The IP67 waterproof level of the panel mount version is is obtained thanks to the inherent sealing capabilities of its polyester front and of the trackballs' "Optical Navigation Technology" with solid state sensing. The fields of industrial applications are very wide; indoor- and outdoor where a higher input speed is required while maintaining outstanding sealing characteristics.
Panel mount version: IP67 sealed with 50 mm laser optical waterproof trackball. Panel mounting by means of fourtheen M4-threaded studs. The sealing into the customers' panel is assured by an IP67 grade silicone sponge seal. 
  • IP65 / IP67 sealing
  • 105 short travel switches with low pressure and positive tactile feedback
  • Panel mount : IP67 sealed with 50 mm optical waterproof trackball
  • Enclosed version : IP65 sealed with 50 mm mechanical trackball
  • Option : covering bezels for the KSTL105F keyboard
Improvements = rev.2
• Integrated removable waterproof LASER trackball - also on the enclosed version.
• Black ring around the ball
• New version with bezel for extra edge protection
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