Husky X8 barebone with RAID and CNA

HDD not included


The Milestone Husky X8 is a high performing server class network video recorder designed for the
high-end market. It offers extreme reliability with component, storage and application redundancy, ensuring
continuous uninterrupted operation. Leveraging the XProtect video management software, hardware
accelerated video processing and Western Digital Purple™ HDD technology, the unit offers a proven
capacity of 780 cameras with continues recording, and 300 cameras with server-side motion detection.


The Milestone Husky X8 is built with server-grade components that provide redundancy on all critical components:


·         Hot-swappable dual power supply for power redundancy

·         Duplicated NIC cards with 2 x 1 Gbit/s, RJ45 and 2 x 10 Gbit/s, RJ45 connections for fully duplicated network connectivity

·         Duplicated RAID 1 SSD Windows OS and VMS disks ensure a fast re-boot and that critical system data is not lost in the event of power loss.

·         Easy replicable HDD with RAID storage redundancy, supporting RAID 5 and 10

·         Redundancy on the video management software level, where two (or more) Milestone Husky X8 units can run in cold or hot stand-by configuration.


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