Edesix DC-200 Dock Controller

VideoBadge aggregation device

DC-200 is a 2nd-generation VideoBadge aggregation device, which can connect up to 84 VideoBadges simultaneously to VideoManager over a single gigabit Ethernet LAN port.
Each DC-200 allows up to six of our seven- or fourteen-port docking stations to be physically located away from the PC or server running VideoManager.
A DC-200 can enable a single instance of VideoManager to support many more VideoBadges than can be connected to a PC via USB; up to 84 VideoBadges can be deployed with a single DC-200 DockController.
The DockController DC-200 enables remote deployments of VideoBadge for connection to a cloud or datacentre instance of VideoManager, over the internet, or a corporate intranet.
This device also makes the VideoBadge assignment process simpler and faster; an RFID reader can be connected to the DC-200 and used to automatically assign users a VideoBadge upon presentation of their RFID key.
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